10 STYLE QUESTIONS: Rosey Huntington Whiteley

10 STYLE QUESTIONS: Rosey Huntington Whiteley

14th Jul 2020

Rosie Huntington Whiteley is definitely one of the brightest models of the last 10 years. Not only thanks to her work with the most famous brands: from Victoria’s Secret to Givenchy and Bulgari, not only thanks to the affair with the actor Jason State and the main role in Transformers 3. Rosie is called a true British, role model for many women and even an Icon of style. It was about the style that the model told in a recent interview.

1. Do you have a secret of style or a fashion trick that you have never talked about before?

Yes! I love using Pinterest to search for inspirational images or even tips on what to wear.

2. What are the 3 most beloved brands

Chloe, Givenchy, Saint Laurent

3. What does your regular diet look like?

For breakfast, I eat chia pudding or oatmeal, for lunch - a piece of lean meat with salad or fish. Usually I have dinner with some vegetarian dishes and try to stay away from carbohydrates, flour and sweets.

4. Do you wear jewelry every day or only for special occasions?

I have some favorite jewelry that I never take off. One of these is the vintage Serpenti watch.

5. Favorite item from the new Bulgari collection?

I really love my Serpenti Forever bag with black onyx. It is made in a nude shade and looks elegant, cool and original at the same time. I also love Bulgari Serpenti glasses from multi-colored enamel - their shape does not leave indifferent.

6. How many handbags and pairs of glasses are in your wardrobe now?

Honestly, a lot. I live in Los Angeles, there is a lot of sun and, accordingly, sunglasses are a necessary thing. I also have a lot of bags, because I travel often.

7. What does Bulgari brand and cooperation with it mean to you?

For me, Bulgari is a symbol of elegance, creativity and tradition, so I am proud that I am the ambassador of a new collection of accessories. For many years, Bulgari jewelry has been setting and determining trends in jewelry. As for Bulgari bags, they cannot be confused with others; they have their own style and style.

8. Who can you call a style icon? Who inspires you?

Emmanuelle Alt delights me with her relaxed and at the same time chic style, she looks very “French”. I would call Diana Krueger the queen of the red carpet - she is not afraid to take risks and always looks perfect.

9. Favorite fashion tip or quote about fashion

Coco Chanel: Fashion lives not only in dresses, fashion is in the air, it is brought by the wind, we have a hunch about it, breathe it, it is in the sky and on the road, it is inseparable from people, customs, events.

10. Your credo

A positive attitude towards life and others is the most powerful tool a person can possess.