​What is a CLOTHING STYLE and why is it important to find your own?

​What is a CLOTHING STYLE and why is it important to find your own?

12th Jul 2020

First, let's try to determine what a clothing style is.

So, the style of clothing is a certain set of features by which you can divide many things, sets and clothes, as such, into certain categories or types.

Style depends on various factors, such as age, social and material status, nationality and mentality, lifestyle and work, musical preferences, religious beliefs, body shape and much more.

And yet, why is it so important to decide which style is close to you? 

First of all, this is necessary so that you feel harmonious, so that your outer “I” reflects your inner. Well, as a pleasant bonus, finding your own style, you will not get lost in endless rows with clothes in stores and will easily begin to make the necessary purchases, knowing what you need.

There are a lot of stylistic trends in the world, below we will consider the main ones: classic style, casual, sports style, glamour, boho, ethnic, grunge, romantic style, preppy, minimalism, eclecticism, new bow, linen style, pajama style, Retro style and military style.


A business or classic style is characterized by restraint and conciseness, high quality and a certain basic-ity. Clothing of this style is especially good for teachers and office workers, scientific conferences and meetings.

The classic style does not accept the introduction of fleeting trends, such as a choker, crop top, ruffles, etc., as well as bright colors and defiant prints. Black, gray, beige, dark blue - this is the gamut of this stylistic direction. Simple cut and simplicity of details, stability and moderate modesty.

Perhaps the classical style is a certain basis and base, it was so 50 years ago, now it will remain, after decades. This style is timeless and fashionable.


Casual is perhaps one of the most popular stylistic trends among most fashionistas from around the world. It is not for nothing that in translation it sounds like “everyday”.

What it really is? Firstly, it is always comfort and convenience, nice fabrics, not constraining styles, some softness and flexibility. The key elements among clothing are: jeans, shirts, t-shirts, sweaters, sweaters and sweatshirts, sneakers, uncomplicated comfortable shoes, ballet shoes, etc. This style is sometimes also called American: this is how Hollywood stars go on weekdays, which are often removed by paparazzi.

As for the color scheme, it is much more diverse than in the aforementioned classic style, however bright neon colors are just as inappropriate, in contrast to the noble blue, grass green, mustard yellow, etc.


Sports style - as simple as that, you think, they say they go to the gym and to fitness. No, no, and again no. Sports style includes sports elements, but not clothes for sports. Hoodies, T-shirts, T-shirts, baggy pants, walking sneakers, sneakers, caps and backpacks - this is the basis of this stylistic direction.

The sports style is convenient and comfortable, this clothing does not constrain movements and does not fit the figure, it was created for active people who love movement and adventure.

Quite bright colors will be quite appropriate in it, but in moderation, for example, inserts on a sweatshirt, or stripes on sneakers. Jewelry, in turn, should be chosen minimalist and small in size, although, if possible, it is better to completely abandon them, giving preference to the same sports watch - both accessory and benefit, so as not to be late).


Unfortunately, in modern realities, when pronouncing the word “glamour”, many people have the image of a provincial girl with bright makeup, in a shiny dress, neckline and shoes with crazy heels. This idea of glamour is false.

Real glamour is chic, it is brilliance, but it is always moderate and knows its value. Glamour style is made with expensive fabrics, silk, precious stones, fur. Glamour is hair to hair, it is gloss and grooming 24/7.


The bohemian style of clothing, which was loved by actresses, artists, poets of the 20th century, became the founder of the boho style. Bohemian style means wide, loose silhouettes, long dresses and skirts.

Boho is the style of music festivals, the style of freedom-loving and creative people. This stylistic trend is inherent in: soft natural fabrics, lace, prints, tassels on clothes, headbands and hats, large sunglasses, sandals or several boots in a cowboy style, jewelry on long chains, belts with metal inserts and fringe. Boho does not tolerate deliberate sexuality, adjusted lines, rigor and excessive accuracy, on the contrary, this style loves a certain disheveledness.


Ethnic remotely resembles boho, but still completely different. Natural fabrics, spacious styles and prints that are a symbol of a particular culture are inherent in it. For example, it can be: embroidery, kimono, djellaba...etc